A New Series starting in June 2011

The little book of Philippians is probably the most useful, practical tool we have in the New Testament as it teaches us in four short chapters – joy in spite of circumstances, people, things and worry. Paul’s pattern is one we can all follow. Why not join me as we take a walk through this epistle, learning practical ways to be victorious over life’s changing and challenging circumstances and situations in order that we can say, ‘Yes, all this is true, yet I will rejoice in the Lord…’ as we ‘Walk the Talk’ together.

CHAPTER 1 – in four parts
Addresses the single mind and joy in spite of circumstances.

CHAPTER 2 – in three parts
Addresses the submissive mind and joy in spite of people

CHAPTER 3 -in four parts
Addresses the spiritual mind and joy in spite of things

CHAPTER 4 – in two parts
Addresses the secure mind and joy in spite of worry

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