Numbers 21-30

Number 21 – Spiritual Warfare Part 3 – The rule of life

Without realising it we all have certain rules in our lives through which everything we think, and experience are passed. This session examines godly rules that will transform the way we think and act towards those around us.

Number 22 – What’s a Faith?

Explores the unreality in our beliefs that we call ‘faith’. Not for those who want to stay where there are, locked in tradition, but revealing a more excellent way…light the blue paper and retire immediately. In looking at our subject today we have squarely to address the issues of pain and unanswered prayer; unbelievers want answers to these things, we are not going to look at 7 steps to get your prayers answered every time, but we are going to take a good look at what we mean when we talk about faith, trust, believing and knowledge.

Number 23 – ‘I have called you friends’

Here we will look at what qualifies us for friendship with God; we may be in for some surprises. Sonship is automatic; you have been born again into the family of God a child with the potential to become a son. Entering into friendship different, and is not automatic. As with many things in the Christian walk, friendship is conditional upon faithfulness and service.

Number 24 – Spiritual Warfare Part 4 – Warfare and Majesty

The battle is the Lord’s. Here again we may find that what we understood as being spiritual warfare was a misconception. There is no warfare without Majesty – the Majestic Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Majesty and Supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ is the focus of all spiritual warfare, not the enemy.

Number 25 – What it means to be In Christ

Many Christians do not fully understand the exchange that took place the moment they believed on Jesus. This session explores the love relationship Jesus desires between Him and His Bride. Guaranteed to warm your heart and change your understanding!

Number 26 – Enjoying the Journey

It can be easy to slip into mediocrity, unaware that we are doing so, the solution is to enjoy every day in Christ. This session will show you how to accomplish that.

Number 27 – A more excellent way

Explores the fact that you can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving. Just how do we love one another? An exploration of what it means to love each other as the Father loves us. It includes such subjects as closure on our past, conversion, and commissioning for our future.

Number 28 – Who is building the house?

Jonathan Edwards an 18th century theologian said ‘The task of every generation is to discover which direction the Sovereign Redeemer is moving and move in that direction’. So, just who is building the house, God or us? We examine whether the church is listening to what Father is saying and being obedient to His voice or going her own way.

Number 29 – The Holiness of God and our Sanctification

Holiness is not a popular subject, maybe because it has been much misunderstood and has led in lots of cases to legalism and harshness, but we dare not lose sight of our true calling, which is to be sanctified, to be holy as He is holy.

Number 30 – I will not leave you as orphans

Explores the purpose of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling. It contains a prophetic word regarding the importance of discernment in the latter days in the body of Christ, to help us navigate the times in which we find ourselves.