Numbers 1-10

Number 1 – ‘Echoes from Eden’

Outlines the eternal purpose and intent of God in creation. Part 1 lists the names and compound names of God from Genesis onward. Part 2 gives the three falls of Satan. Part 3 Curtain up on the love affair of the Universe and God’s eternal plan.

Number 2 – ‘God has a dream’

Here we have a history lesson, a prophetic overview of the bible, with particular attention to the Old Testament. How God called forth a people for Himself. From Genesis to Revelation, His plan is unfolded. We start in Genesis 1:26-31 and end in the book of Revelation 21:3 – ‘they will be His people and He will be their God’. God’s dream of dwelling with His people for eternity.

Number 3 – ‘Alternative medicine – New Age deception in the church?’

There is an assumption that anything ‘spiritual’ must be good, nothing could be further from the truth – the teaching explores New Age philosophy; how it is totally incompatible with Christianity and holds hands with Satan’s plan for world domination and a New World Order. Additional free downloads: Occult checklist; New Age Glossary.

Number 4 – Part 1 The Triune Nature of man.

Part 2 What happens when a person dies?

Man is comprised of three parts, body soul and spirit, how aware are we of the difference. This teaching explains our likeness to our Creator.
Part 2 takes us into a biblical understanding of what happens after death for both believer and unbeliever.

Number 5 – ‘Did God really say?’

An examination of the history of homosexuality and the principle of grace. Sin is dealt with, once we believe our salvation is secure, but how does God view the sin if we continue? Do we lose anything by persisting in such a way of life? Does it affect our salvation? Answers here – and no it doesn’t!

Number 6 – An overview of the book of Revelation

A review of history from Genesis that brings us to an overview of the last days and reveals God’s eternal purpose for both Israel and the Church. For more information of the book of Revelation see the verse-by-verse exposition and special topics such as ‘Will the church go through the Tribulation?’.

Number 7 – Money Matters

Jesus spoke a great deal about money, more about it than a great deal of other things. So how should we conduct our financial affairs and what does God expect of us?

Number 8 – Sex, Sexuality and Morality in the 21st century church

It is what it says on the tin. Sex and sexuality are an important part of who we are, but don’t major on minors. Life is more than sexuality and meeting our physical and emotional needs. We find that meeting these basic needs illegitimately can cost us...

Number 9 – The Doctrine of War. Was Jesus a pacifist?

How does God view the issue of nations going to war against each other? What does He say about it? The biblical perspective.

Number 10 – It’s a Cracker

Have we been deceived about the reason for the season? If we have, who has bewitched us? A look at the background to the Christmas season and the serious truth behind the myths.