Numbers 41-50

Number 41 – Growing up in God

An amazing number of Christians do not realise that salvation is only the beginning of their journey in God. As a good Father, He wants His children to grow up to maturity, this session shows us just how that takes place. This is not an easy teaching, growing up means putting away childish things and taking responsibility for our own actions and behaviours. It means changing our minds and our mindsets which can be painful since we are often convinced that we are ‘right’. It means ceasing to blame others for our actions and reactions…

Number 42 – Outrageous love

This teaching follows directly on last month’s ‘Growing up in God’ where we looked at our personal transformation process and it sits between that and the next one, which is ‘The Risen Life’ where we will explore what it is like living the other side of the Cross - in resurrection life; in our new DNA and how to get rid of a poverty mindset – which incidentally is not primarily about money.

Number 43 – The power of the risen life

God plans for eternity; we must get to grips with this; many of us live in a temporal state without a thought of the eternal consequences of our choices and actions; at best we are marking time waiting for Jesus to come or our home call, but there is more, so much more He wants us to have and to experience. This session introduces you to the power of the risen life now.

Number 44 – The Challenge

The challenge to love one another as Christ loves us. “But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. Hebrews 5:14 NKJV.

Number 45 – Inheritance and Personal Responsibility

This teaching is both a proceeding word, and a word of preparation, by proceeding I mean it is present and future, it is ‘now but not yet’ it is moving you towards the future giving you a clear compass heading on the direction in which you personally, and the church corporately, should be moving, it is God’s revelation of His plan for us and our next step. We have a responsibility in terms of our own spiritual growth. This session explores the traps we can fall into and how to avoid them if we are to gain the Promised Land.

Number 46 – The Prize

Do we understand that this life is but a preparation for eternity and that the things we do now can attract a reward on that Day? This session explores crowns, rewards and our eternal inheritance.

Number 47 – In the Twinkling of an Eye

Do we understand how jealously Jesus longs over His Bride? Though the theme is about the rapture of the church, the underlying message is His furious longing to be with the Bride of His choice.

Number 48 – The Gamble

It looked as though God took a gamble on the nation of Israel, when it failed so miserably to come into the Promised Land, but as we travel through we see that His purpose will not be thwarted, every plan of His will be fulfilled.

Number 49 – A Glorious Church

It was because of ignorance of His ways that Israel failed so dismally to recognise that when God said something He meant it, this penultimate session makes sure that the church will hear what God is saying to her as she stands on the threshold of entry into her Promised Land...

Number 50 – A Captivated Heart

If you have been striving in your Christian walk, now is the time to stop, right here...grace is your portion and your inheritance. Grace, the power of God in you, is freely available to enable you to become like His Son by receiving everything He has won for you on the Cross. Too good to be true? I hope so! Your role in the earth beloved is to respond to His love, if you have ceased to do that, you have left the first principle of how life in the Spirit really, really works. He initiates, you respond.