Numbers 31-40

Number 31 – Emotions, who needs them?

Being ruled by our emotions is painful. We are up and down, ruled by how we feel. This session explores an altogether way of living our lives, from the innermost part of our being, our spirit man, where our emotions come under the benevolent control of the Holy Spirit within

Number 32 – Celebration of the Name, the Word and the Blood

A Christmas special where we look at the significance of names in the bible, the power in the word of God and the Blood of Jesus. We find that no matter what may be swirling around us, we can be victorious.

Number 33 – Rise up My love, My fair one’ – this is about our ‘who’, not our ‘do’

All about the intimate relationship Father wants with His children. It is also about us matching His intentionality towards us, with ours towards Him. We will learn we don’t drift to the top of a mountain. We have to make decisions, plan and train for such an event. Enjoy!

Number 34 – Image and likeness

For our life in Christ to prosper and His life in us to flourish there are but two requirements; we must believe what He says about us and place Him first above all things. We must behold Him until we become like Him… This teaching will not be for those who seek an easy road, or respectfully, those who want their ears tickled, but those who truly desire to be conformed to His image and bear His likeness and are prepared to suffer, if necessary, to accomplish this.

Number 35 – His Majesty the King

Here we examine Jesus credentials. We see how He fulfilled every prophesy, and every criterion for Kingship. Jesus is King, and there is no mistake, absolutely none.

Number 36 – Identity and Inheritance

Identity is linked to inheritance; we must know who we are in order to inherit – we live in two realities – the earthly and the heavenly – we are both physical and spiritual beings; it is as dust that we fulfil our heavenly destiny; therefore, we must be both purposeful and intentional about how we live our lives.

Number 37 - Yeshua HaMashiach – Jesus the Messiah

The second in our series about Jesus we examine His role as the anticipated and longed for Messiah. Pertinent to us as Gentiles as we need to remember that Jesus was a Jew and still is a Jew. Our final study follows shortly, where we examine Jesus as wholly Man and wholly God.

Number 38 – When heaven comes down

Continuing our study of the intentional lifestyle we find Kingdom living is about positioning ourselves correctly to hear what He is saying and responding in the affirmative when we hear – you cannot say ‘No’ and ‘Lord’ in the same sentence.

Number 39 – Jesus the Man

The third in our studies of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the first one we looked at His Majesty the King, in the second we explored Jesus from the Jewish point of view – the long awaited Messiah of the Jewish nation and in this study we will look at Jesus the Man which will bring together the other two studies - Jesus is fully God and fully Man as we will see.

Number 40 – A Royal Inheritance

The Father’s heart is always that He should bring forth sons – sons in the image of Jesus. Unlike us, He doesn’t measure time, He measures growth. We are all in process, the process of growing up in God and into our Royal inheritance. This world is our place of training for reigning.