Numbers 11-20

Number 1 1– ‘Should women wear hats in church?

Being brought into a Pentecostal church where this was mandatory, Beryl explores the issue of the role of women in the church and what Paul really says about head coverings…prepare for some surprises ladies, and gentlemen!

Number 12

Session 1: Biblical submission

What we think about God should be the most important thing in our lives. If Jesus is Saviour, but not Lord, it will be impossible for us to put submission into practice, because we have never surrendered our right to ourselves. Biblical submission restores Godly order to our thinking and shows us how we should align ourselves both spiritually and physically. How we should respond to God and to the authorities He has placed over us. Foundational truth.

Session 2: New for old-the reality of the re-birth

Unless the basics are right, nothing is right. A lot of people have been converted and they haven’t got the basics right that’s why their lives are a mess, this session will lay a proper base on which for you to build.

Number 13 – ‘Authority and Leadership in the 21st century church'

God is looking for leaders after His own heart. Are we sure as leaders we are following His heart or are we just following what we have always followed…time to find out. If we keep doing what we have always done, we’ll keep getting what we have always had. Got to move on from same old same old...

Number 14 – Spiritual Warfare. Part 1

Mobilising the army of God. This may turn out to be different from your expectation. Spiritual warfare is maybe not what you thought it was – read on. Every act of kindness is warfare; every time you do not retaliate when someone upsets you it’s warfare; every time you show your love to your husband/wife/kids, its warfare. Every time you get to work on time and put in a good day’s work without grumbling and complaining – that’s warfare…

Number 15 – ‘Capital punishment'

Here we have the biblical view most clearly stated, together with arguments against it. The issue at hand is will we submit to God’s authority in this regard? If we do it will cause us to fly in the face of popular opinion.

Number 16 – Problems in society

At the very end of Judges, we see that everyone did as he thought fit. Is the church doing the same? Is it moving towards anarchy without realising what it is doing? An in depth examination of the problems besetting our society and the role of the church.

Number 17 – Knowing God's ways

“God is the Architect of your faith, but you have to give Him planning permission”. Knowing God’s ways is about knowing what He expects of us, we cannot stay babies. This session explores the process God takes us through to bring us to maturity and usefulness in the Kingdom. It will require our co-operation.

Number 18 – Spiritual Warfare. Part 2

We are coming into a time when the church is going to be in a ‘payback’ situation. Payback for everything the enemy has stolen, we are going to demand payback. There must be a radical change in our thinking to enable us to be in the position to demand this. Part two explores the choices and changes we need to make as individuals. We are on the winning side, time to make it count. Preparation is vital for us to take up our battle positions. There is an acceleration according to God’s determined purpose for us…

Number 19 – Giants in the Bible

two sessions this time: the first where we explore what are known as giants in the Bible and in part two, the issue of the angelic realm. Interesting reading, certain to answer some of your questions on the subject.

Number 20 – You can hear the voice of God

Many Christians struggle with hearing the voice of the Father, reasons for inability are addressed right at the start of this session which goes on to encourage a deeper relationship with the Father.