We are pleased to be able to offer both of Beryl’s in depth studies on the book of Revelation as downloadable notes and recordings.

There is a wonderful promise in Verse 3 of Revelation Chapter 1 that anyone reading, hearing and studying this book will be blessed. ‘Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear…’ There is a unique blessing, therefore, for reading and studying this book.

In June 2008, Beryl taught a 5 day course looking at Special Topics raised in the book of Revelation. Then in November the same year, took 4 days to teach a Verse-by-Verse study. All 9 days of teaching are available here.

Verse by Verse Study

Special Topic Study

Sammy Christou, a friend of Oasis, is currently recording an album. Click play to hear a preview of one of his tracks, titled Revelation. [audio:revelation.mp3]

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