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  1. Oh Beryl! Thank you for this word in season! This spoke so deeply into my spirit. We have been in months of negativity. It has consumed America. After the election I felt like I had been dumped into the middle of the floor after being in a spin cycle. I couldn’t get my legs underneath me as maybe now the madness would stop. Then only to be followed by the Women’s March. Facebook posts of dear sisters in the Lord at these marches holding signs I did not want to see. I felt like I was taking on the world. How much more, Lord? Do I try to help them see the error of their thinking? I wasn’t mad, but deeply disappointed because they partnered with deception. My heart actually ached. But a shift happened inside of me on Monday, yesterday. I knew during the night on Sunday, Holy Spirit had been teaching me. Your words today grabbed my heart and put understanding to this shift. Thank You so very much.

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